Financial Agent Training

The Big Picture

What is "electoral finance"?

Electoral finance includes:

  • the registration and deregistration of political parties, constituency associations and election advertising sponsors
  • rules on how these entities as well as candidates and leadership contestants administer their finances, including expenses limits
  • rules about election advertising
  • financial reporting requirements

Why are there rules and principles to follow?

All of the rules are requirements of the Election Act which enhances the democratic process by ensuring fairness and transparency.

  • Fairness: money should not unduly influence the outcome of an election
  • Transparency: public disclosure of sources of funds and how monies were spent

By identifying the sources of large contributions, individuals and organizations are prevented from obtaining undue influence with elected officials. Spending limits create a more level playing field for everyone.

  • "Your office is committed to applying the legislation it administers
    fairly, consistently and impartially."