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      (ALL)  BC NDP 2020 Interim Financial Report (Jul-Sep)
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Total For This Search: $1,956,707.91
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Contributor NameDateAmountClassPartyContribution TypeEvent Date
AARON DONOVAN2020/07/24$15.001BC NDP9 
AARON DONOVAN2020/08/24$15.001BC NDP9 
AARON DONOVAN2020/09/21$1,083.001BC NDP9 
AARON L SUMEXHELTZA2020/09/18$1,243.151BC NDP9 
ADAM HOCKIN2020/09/21$100.001BC NDP9 
ADAM HOCKIN2020/09/24$100.001BC NDP9 
ADAM HOCKIN2020/09/26$100.001BC NDP9 
ADAM LYNES-FORD2020/09/27$100.001BC NDP9 
ADAM LYNES-FORD2020/09/27$200.001BC NDP9 
ADAM MILLARD2020/09/25$1,253.151BC NDP9 
ADAM TURPIN2020/09/30$400.001BC NDP9 
ADELLE JONKER2020/07/03$50.001BC NDP9 
ADELLE JONKER2020/07/29$150.001BC NDP9 
ADELLE JONKER2020/09/11$75.001BC NDP9 
ADRIAN P DIX2020/07/05$100.001BC NDP9 
ADRIAN P DIX2020/08/05$100.001BC NDP9 
ADRIAN P DIX2020/09/05$100.001BC NDP9 
AGNES HUANG2020/07/15$350.001BC NDP9 
AIMIS MARION2020/07/25$100.001BC NDP9 
AIMIS MARION2020/08/25$100.001BC NDP9 
AIMIS MARION2020/09/25$100.001BC NDP9 
AIONA ANDERSON2020/09/18$1,243.151BC NDP9 
AIRI SIGURGEIRSON2020/07/08$20.001BC NDP9 
AIRI SIGURGEIRSON2020/08/08$20.001BC NDP9 
AIRI SIGURGEIRSON2020/08/15$100.001BC NDP9 
AIRI SIGURGEIRSON2020/09/08$20.001BC NDP9 
AIRI SIGURGEIRSON2020/09/22$300.001BC NDP9 
AIRI SIGURGEIRSON2020/09/30$200.001BC NDP9 
AKHTAR NAWAZ2020/09/30$1,250.001BC NDP9 
AL BIEKSA2020/07/27$100.001BC NDP9 
AL BIEKSA2020/08/27$100.001BC NDP9 
AL BIEKSA2020/09/27$100.001BC NDP9 
AL CORNES2020/09/30$400.001BC NDP9 
ALAN BOGUSIEWICZ2020/09/24$500.001BC NDP9 
ALAN FRY2020/09/20$100.001BC NDP9 
ALAN FRY2020/09/20$900.001BC NDP9 
ALAN L HOOVER2020/07/06$15.001BC NDP9 
ALAN L HOOVER2020/08/06$15.001BC NDP9 
ALAN L HOOVER2020/09/06$15.001BC NDP9 
ALAN L HOOVER2020/09/08$100.001BC NDP9 
ALAN L HOOVER2020/09/30$200.001BC NDP9 
ALAN RUDRUM2020/07/15$100.001BC NDP9 
ALAN RUDRUM2020/08/06$50.001BC NDP9 
ALAN RUDRUM2020/09/29$125.001BC NDP9 
ALAN RYCROFT2020/07/14$15.001BC NDP9 
ALAN RYCROFT2020/08/14$15.001BC NDP9 
ALAN RYCROFT2020/09/14$15.001BC NDP9 
ALAN RYCROFT2020/09/18$100.001BC NDP9 
ALAN RYCROFT2020/09/30$150.001BC NDP9 
ALAN S BELL2020/09/22$350.001BC NDP9