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Keith Archer

"Thank you for being a part of British Columbia's electoral process."

Keith Archer, Ph.D., B.C. Chief Electoral Officer, Elections BC

Welcome to the Local Elections Financial Agent Site. Elections BC developed this site as a resource additional to our local elections campaign financing guides. It is another way to help you understand the rules in the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA, the Act).

This site provides:

  • an overview of your role as a financial agent and the requirements you must meet under LECFA
  • highlights about what you need to know about each topic
  • definitions of local elections campaign financing terms
  • helpful tips to make your role easier
  • answers to frequently asked questions
  • links to related sections in our Guide to Local Elections Campaign Financing in B.C.
  • an opportunity to provide us with your feedback
  • comments from financial agents we've helped

Navigation: You can use the links on the left to explore the campaign financing topics in any order or you can use the Next and Previous links at the bottom of each page to navigate this site in sequence.

As you explore the site, if you need to contact us, you can use the CONTACT link above.

We recognize that your role as a financial agent is complex. So our local elections campaign financing staff are here to help you understand the requirements under LECFA. We will:

  • answer your local elections campaign financing and election advertising questions
  • send out mandatory disclosure statement forms and relevant guides
  • provide guidance, support and assistance when you are completing your disclosure statements
  • send reminder letters and information
Local Elections Campaign Financing Contact information

Feedback: Elections BC wants to provide you with the support you need, so please call or email us with your comments, questions or suggestions. Your feedback will help us help you.

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